Anonymous STD Notification Tool

Use this form to send an anonymous message that notifies a partner that s/he has potentially been exposed to an STD. It is your responsibility and obligation to notify your recent sexual partners if you use our Guide to Anonymous STD Testing.

To help prevent fraudulent emails, we require that you provide an email address to receive a confirmation email. We will not include this email address in the message to your partner.

We will send a confirmation email after you make the request below. You must click a link in the confirmation email to approve this request. Every request will also be reviewed by us manually. Once the message is sent, you will receive a second email notification to that address.

It is strictly prohibited and illegal to send an email to someone as a hoax or a joke. We will prosecute anyone who harasses another individual in this manner to the fullest extent of the law.

In the form below, choose Text (SMS) or Email and then provide either the person’s phone number or email address. If you know the person’s name, please enter that because it helps lend credibility to the message. Then provide the confirmation email address.

Thank you for doing your part to help prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted infections.

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