State of STDs 2018

About wants all sexually-active adults to get tested regularly for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), not just when they fear they might have contracted an STD. We know that some sexually-transmitted infections do not cause symptoms in certain people, lie dormant for months or years, or cause symptoms that are easily mistaken as other common ailments. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a person to have an STD and not know it, and to unknowingly pass it on to his or her sexual partners.

State laws that eliminate the ability to have an anonymous STD test prevent some people from getting tested and getting treatment, or causes others to self-medicate , sometimes with inadequate treatment or the wrong treatment for their condition. These people fear that knowledge of their test or test results might be intentionally or unintentionally revealed to others, and they are willing to put their health at risk to protect their privacy.

Our Site highlights the fact that positive STD test result are almost always not anonymous. We provide information about the relative privacy and confidentiality protections that different testing methods and services offer with resources to access them. With this information, each person can use his own judgment to select the most appropriate method given the relative risks to privacy.

Everyone who tests positive for an STD has a responsibility to notify his or her sex partners or people with whom s/he shares needles, and we provide a free service for people to anonymously notify these individuals of their potential exposure to an STD.

Our Site provides basic information about common sexually-transmitted diseases, links to more comprehensive resources, news and articles about STDs, their treatment and the laws that govern  information about STD test results.

The incidence of many sexually-transmitted diseases is on the rise, and others are becoming resistant to known antibiotic treatments. Comprehensive testing and treatment for all sexually-active adults is essential to containing these diseases.