How to Get an Anonymous STD Test and Anonymous Treatment

Anonymous STD Test


If you follow this guide, you can get an anonymous STD test, speak to a doctor anonymously over the phone about your test and get anonymous treatment, in many cases. We have tested these steps ourselves, more than once, and they work — if you follow them as outlined.
What we describe is a process — what you need to do to protect your identity — not a product. If someone tries to sell you an anonymous STD test, don’t believe them, because there is no such thing.

To view this guide, you must agree that you will notify your recent sex partners if you test positive for an STD. It’s your responsibility. We provide an anonymous service you can use to notify people. Also, please acknowledge that you’ve read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.


  1. I wanted to say thanks for putting this out there. Other websites won’t tell you how to get around the system. I followed your instructions and everything worked the way you said it would. Problem solved without leaving a trail of evidence behind.

  2. This saved me so telling other people this is the real deal, — legit and free way to get anon std test. Except you got to pay for the test. I mean no extra charges for anon.

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