How to Get an Anonymous STD Test and Treatment

A Step-By-Step Guide

If you follow this guide, you can get an anonymous STD test, speak to a doctor anonymously over the phone about your test and get anonymous treatment, in many cases. Ours is the only method that enables you to get an anonymous test and treatment because we tell you how to get around the requirements to divulge your identify. Anyone else who tells you they offer an anonymous test and anonymous treatment is lying.

Step-By-Step Instructions

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1. Create an alias. 

  • You need a first name, a last name and a birth date.
  • No ID is required.
  • Make it easy to remember.
  • Don’t be cute or clever.
  • You might need to respond to this name when you get your STD test.

2. Create a new email account for your alias.

  • GMail is easy. Choose Create An Account.
  • Don’t provide a phone number or backup email account.
  • Don’t forget your password or you have to start all over again.

3. Buy a $200 Visa Gift Card.

  • You really only need $198. The card will cost an extra $4.95 or so.
  • You will have to pay cash.
  • If you register the card online, use your alias.
  • If you test positive, you might need another gift card for $95 for treatment. Buy it now or buy it later.

4-a. Click Here to Order Your Tests.

  • We recommend the 10-test panel for $198.
  • Adjust your Visa gift card if you pick a different set of tests.
  • Use your alias and new email address.
  • Pay with your Visa gift card.
  • Destroy the card when the transaction goes through.
  • See 4-b regarding selecting a lab for your test.
  • See 4-c regarding printing your lab request.

4-b. Pick a Lab

  • There are thousands of labs. Pick one close to home or not close to home, whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
  • Nobody will know why you’re there. Doctors routinely send patients to these labs for every kind of test imaginable.

4-c. Print Your Lab Form

  • You will get either a number to provide to the test lab or, more likely, a form you need to print and bring with you.
  • You don’t have to print the form right away. You will get an email that enables you to print it when you’re ready. Don’t print it and leave it hanging around for someone else to see.
  • Log in to your new email account and print the form right before you leave to go to the lab. 

4-d. Go Get Your Test

  • You don’t need ID. Nobody will ever ask you for ID. Leave your wallet or purse in the car.
  • It will take about 15 minutes.

5. Access Your Test Results

  • Watch your email for a PDF copy of your test results.
  • Don’t download the PDF to the computer. Open it in your browser.
  • If you’ve tested positive, call 1-800-456-2323 and make an appointment to speak with the doctor.
  • If you’ve tested negative, go to Step 8. The testing center won’t keep the results.

6. Get Anonymous Treatment

  • If you test positive for gonorrhea, chlamydia or trichomoniasis, the doctor should be able to call a prescription into a pharmacy for you. The fee is $95 for the consultation and prescription.
  • The prescription will be called in under your alias. It should not be a problem to tell the pharmacy you’re picking up the prescription for your friend <your alias>. It’s not a controlled substance, it’s just an antibiotic.
  • If you can’t get a prescription, see the section below.

7. Notify Your Partner(s)

  • You must notify your partners if you test positive (you promised!).
  • You can use our anonymous notification service.
  • It’s your obligation for getting an anonymous test.

8. Remove Evidence

  • Permanently delete the email and test results.
  • Remove the Gmail account.
  • Get tested regularly if you’re sexually active, even if you didn’t test positive this time.
  • Start at the beginning and follow this guide again with a new alias each time you want an anonymous test.

If you Test Positive and Can’t Get a Prescription…

If you tested positive for syphilis, the CDC’s recommended treatment is a penicillin injection, not oral antibiotics. You could take a copy of your test results to an immediate care clinic, perhaps some distance from where you live. The clinic will probably give you the recommended treatment. We’ve tried it and it worked for us. 

The issue will be the alias on your test results, so the best thing to do is to edit the PDF file and replace the alias with your name before you bring it to the clinic (PDF files are easy to edit). You lose anonymity but still have some level of privacy protection. It’s unclear whether the clinic will report you to the state health department. In our case, we told the clinic that the health department had already been in touch, and they did not notify them because they never contacted us. 

The only way to continue truly anonymously would be to use a fake ID that matches your alias, but we don’t recommend that.

Other than syphilis, if you can’t get a prescription called in, it’s because the health risk to you is serious enough that you need to go see a doctor. Unfortunately, at this point, you’re going to lose your anonymity because your doctor is going to want to do his own tests. But everything will be kept private and confidential, and at least you will know how the results are going to come back.

We have followed these steps ourselves to obtain an anonymous test and anonymous treatment. If there are any improvements or suggestions that will make the process easier or better, please let us know!

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